November 29, 2017 Chief Editor

Maize – Cultivation Process

The highest weight of maize crop production have found that as compared to rice and wheat. Maize in the spring crop planting is done that this season of rain may reap. Rain for the crops, so much as Maize is sensitive to drought are important. Generally, one two or three crops the crop cultivation is in the rotation.

Cultivation of maize in the following steps

Planting : crop sowing when the crop is planted. In mid-April planting of maize normally is used for mid-May.

Silking : crop cultivation is the most crucial stage. This means crop pollination.

Doughing : When maize crop starts to show a thick substance, called crop will doughed.

Denting : doughing During the process, like plant material in the formation of the dough spends all its resources and to reduce the plant and ‘one’ break begins at end of matter is to show . The denting thus called.

Maturing : When the green leaves of maize leaves and is gone from opening appears, the crop is said to be mature.

Collection : crop generally is mature around 3 -4 months end and then it is ready to be collected or harvested.

Maize production in India

Common in India as Maize ‘Kharif’ crop as is produced, meaning that it is common as a summer production. Grains produced in India mainly from most of southern Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh comes from corn belt states. Earlier in the 50 and 60, maize production through improved crop management techniques and area under cultivation is increasing. Now, through improving the yield is improved.

Maize is produced in the States:

  • Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bihar Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Himachal Pradesh

Maize Indian market For crop production as a large variety of environments need to Maize. Large and as an agricultural country, for India to offer all the basic requirements. India approximately 10 million tonnes of maize is produced. As a major producer of maize in Karnataka in India comes under India’s maize belt and approximately 15% of India’s total output is produced. In India, the area cultivated is maize which 7 million hectares in 2004. India’s production of almost all the maize that is consumed. Nearly 50% of India’s total production and about 8% of poultry feed as consumed by industry is consumed starch. Indian exports 5 million tonnes of maize annually around fluctuates. Most Western countries importing maize from India.