April 10, 2018 Sruthi PK

Things to be Considered Before Starting a Duck Farm

If you are planning a duck farm then you must consider certain things in advance. Ducks are sociable birds and hence if you are planning to buy ducks then buy them in pairs or in group. Ducks will provide you with protein rich eggs and they will eat the bugs in your garden. If ducks are provided with sufficient space and care then it is easy to raise them. So you must have to make a good plan before purchasing ducks.

1.    Space

First of all you have to consider whether you have enough space to raise the ducks in your home or not. As ducks are sociable birds you have to raise them in groups and each adult duck requires at least 10 feet space. So you have to consider how much duck your house can accommodate. Also find a good place in your yard that has enough shade and you must have a pond or something like that for your ducks to swim. If you don’t have enough space at your home then finds another suitable place to start your farm which you can take on rent or on lease.

2.    Safety

There are many predators which may attack the ducks. Some of them are dogs, owls, foxes, hawks, snapping turtles etc. So you have to take necessary precautions to protect them. The ducks should be provided with a pond. Pond will act as a source of food for the duck also the ducks will use pond to protect itself from the predators during day time. At night you must lock them in a safe place that can protect them from their predators.

3 .  Money

Young ducks up to three weeks of age require starter feed that contains around 20 % of protein. Adult duck while laying eggs should require 16-18 % protein and 14 to 16 % when they are not laying eggs. For maintaining a healthy farm you must feed your duck properly. So should have enough money to start the business and to maintain it very well till your ducks reach the stage of laying eggs or can be sold for meat purpose.

4.     Vet care

Ducks are sociable birds and hence they are prone to get infections. You have to take them to veterinarian for proper vaccination and check up. You have to find time and money for their treatment.