November 29, 2017 Chief Editor 278 189

Technology for Maize Cultivation in Andhra Pradesh

Maize is mainly grown in Karimnagar, Warangal, Medak, Nizamabad, Adilabad and Randgareddy districts of Andhra Pradesh. This area forms the maize belt of this state. About 2.5 lakh hectares of maize is grown under rainfed situation in kharif season while around 0.6 lakh hectare is grown during Rabi under irrigated conditions. There is an immense […]

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November 28, 2017 Chief Editor 278 189

Organic Cultivation of Cotton

Cotton, the most important fibre crop of India plays a dominant role in its agrarian and industrial economy. It is the backbone of our textile industry, accounting for 70% of total fibre consumption in textile sector, and 38% of the country’s export, fetching over Rs. 42,000 crores. Area under cotton cultivation in India (8.9 million […]

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November 27, 2017 Chief Editor 278 189

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